Thoughts on past Blog Prompt 1


Our goal for each of you:

  1. Get an account.
  2. Publish a post
  3. Put categories and tags on your post.  The category must be “1-React to Past Blog”
    1. More useful information on categories and tags from wordpress
    2. You do this in the widget areas to the right of the editing space.
  4. Write 2-3 paragraphs
  5. Make a hyperlink in your post back to the SOURCE blog.  More on how to do this (it is easy).


If you do not have an account yet, contact the TA, Kate Celmer or me.

Go to my archive of past blogs.

Pick (at least) one.  Surf to it.  Browse through its content, especially using its categories or tags (the most recent content on each one is about their final white papers and may not be the best choice.)

When something sparks an interest, write a post about why it interested you.  Be sure to link (embed a url hyperlink) to the original post you read.

Post by Friday, Jan 30, midnight.

Check back on Thursday.  Comment on one other post.  Only comment on one NOT COMMENTED ON (with zero comments).  When yours has one comment, respond to that comment.  In general, with comments, try to keep the conversation going.  Empty (or sincere) flattery (your post was great!) is not necessary.  So, total two comments this week.  Yes, it is less then normal.  The point is to encourage you to comment on comments, to keep a conversation going.

There is no BC this week (with students).