Creativity is Key

One of the blogs that stuck out the most to me was “The Eye of the Tiger – Just Doesn’t Want to Face Reality” by Morgan Krause. Initially, this blog post stuck out to me because of its sports related content. Being from the Philadelphia area, my family considers Rocky to be a cinematic masterpiece, so the title easily grabbed my attention. While the title and topic caught my eye, it was the unique format of the post that maintained my focus. I thought the dialogue structure was really unique and allowed a new level of creativity that I had not seen in blog writing before.

Over my last few summer internships, my roles had included writing blogs to increase audience interaction, in one case for the National Dog Shows presented by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia and in another for America’s Funniest Home Videos. While these experiences required creative approaches to content and the use of videos and other media to create an engaging platform, I had never experienced an approach to blogging that utilized dialogue as the structural form. Morgan’s blog was particularly interesting in the way that the dialogue was introduced. I was interested in her choice to incorporate Tiger Woods as a voice for the greater ethical issue concerning Nike’s laborers and was happy that some time was spent explaining this decision. I thought that Woods’s controversial background made him a more interesting speaker because he is a man who now knows how to navigate criticism from the media and can dance around tough issues such as Nike’s exploitation of employees. I thought that Morgan’s approach to the dialogue allowed for creative development of the ideas that she expounded upon in her conclusion as she evaluated the responsibilities that celebrity’s have when endorsing a product or company.

While looking through more of the blog postings, I realized that while the dialogue utilized in Morgan’s approach was encouraged by a provided prompt, I was happy to see the creativity that the prompt and the blog allowed. I think that using creative strategies like this dialogue exercise helps students make sense of the dense and complicated topics surrounding business, ethics, and philosophy. I’m looking forward to learning more about these complexities and exploring them in creative ways.

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