Past Blogs: Mitchell Report

Looking through old blog posts, I had an opportunity to read some interesting pieces, learn more about the stakeholder organization is all about, and begin to familiarize myself with WordPress’ layout and functionality. The blog post that I enjoyed reading the most was posted by apv003 about the Mitchell Report: a scathing review issued by the United States of Major League Baseball’s policies of policing illegal performance enhancing drug use in its own sport.

This post was very interesting to me on its own, but especially so within the context of this course. Business ethics is a subject that I have little formal education in. I think that a large part of my personal ethical code has been formed by my relationship with sports. The only part of sports that is black and white is that one team wins, and one team loses, everything else exists in various shades of grey. Tip-toeing the fine line between doing whatever it takes to win and cheating.

The blog post I am commenting on is a concise, thorough overview of the Mitchell report, followed by an ethical analysis that tries to break down the actions into “right and wrong” “whose responsibility was this” and “what does the public have the right to know” which are all very interesting and are applicable to sports, business, and many other fields.

“Everybody’s doing it” have been the fateful last words of many athletes, companies, and individuals about to take the first step down a dangerous road. I learned this lesson via sports, and am looking forward to applying it in this course.

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