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This blog post is about the NFL potentially withholding information about head injuries from its players.  I found this topic interesting because I have followed this issue relatively closely over the years and I am still not exactly sure where I stand.

Of course I think it is terrible for the NFL to hide information from former players, but then again it has been known for quite some time that repeated hard hits to the head cannot be good for someone. The NFL has taken many actions in the form of rule changes of which drastically change the game so as to improve the numbers on head injuries and concussions.  In addition to this, most players love to play the game so much, that they openly accept the negative health effects of the game.

For this reason, I think this blog post should most likely be rephrased in order to create a situation in which you imagine yourself getting an offer for your dream job but you know it will have significant negative effects on your health for the rest of your retired life; however you want the job so much that this may be worth it to you. What would you do?


One thought on “1-React to Past Blog”

  1. I think you raise a really interesting point about the importance of presenting a well rounded argument and your challenge is interesting. If I were in the situation that you’ve presented, I think that I would still be inclined to pursue my dream job, because it would be my dream job. If I consider playing in the NFL to be similar to any other job, I think that I would have to consider what I want out of my life in its entirety. For instance, knowing that I want to have a family and to have the ability to participate actively on vacations and on holidays, I would probably look for other employment.

    The issue of withholding information was also really interesting given the Ethical Chic excerpt we’ve read and how one of Apple’s biggest issues is their secrecy. Did you see any parallels between Apple and the NFL or are they two completely different cases?


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