Mike Daisy: For or Against Sweatshop Manufacturing?

When Mike Daisy started speaking on This American Life, I was intrigued as to what the four pictures that started his journey actually looked like. So, I opened up a new tab and started to run a quick google search. Upon looking for these pictures, I stumbled upon an article that stated this episode was later redacted by This American Life because Mike Daisy fabricated many of the encounters in China he spoke about. This was incredibly disappointing to learn– especially since it was before I was able to listen to his story. Instead of being able to enjoy his talented narrative of his experiences, I was highly critical and skeptical of everything I heard, ruining what I’m sure would have otherwise been quite a captivating speech. It was especially ironic when Mike remarked that he was “going to lie to a lot of people” in regards to his communication with Foxconn. Continue reading Mike Daisy: For or Against Sweatshop Manufacturing?