Is This the Kind of Journalistic Integrity You Had in Mind?

Are these journalists, interviewing Jobs in 2010, representing a high standard of truth-telling and fact-digging?  They are Walt Mossberg, and Kara Swisher, widely considered to be among the “best” tech journalists.

Sorry, can’t embed it directly.

In 2012, at a subsequent All Things D conference, Mike Daisey suggests some questions the same two could have asked of new CEO Tim Cook (of Apple).

“Recently you went to China for the first time as CEO to tour Foxconn’s production lines. Apple’s first outside audits of Foxconn happened in 2006, after media coverage back then, and the report recommendations made six years ago are the same as the ones made by the FLA in 2012. Did it not seem important enough a priority for the CEO go until now, six years later? Why did it take so long?”


“You’ve worked at Apple since 1998, and are credited for creating an incredible supply chain that is a huge part of Apple’s success. But the New York Times and others have pointed to the squeezing of that supply chain as a big part of the problems at Foxconn. Do you think Apple’s responsible for some of the problems that Apple’s been documenting since 2006 without making inroads on until this year?”

Featured image is Kara Swisher, the tech journalist.


2 thoughts on “Is This the Kind of Journalistic Integrity You Had in Mind?”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Mike! One aspect of our economy and media culture is that the boundary of the tech object seems to be the boundary of imagination. In other words, even though the reality of the device is its whole material history, and all the links that incorporates, the tech journalists, the companies, and us, as consumers, is fooled into thinking that reality disappears.

    I wish the tech journalists would consider the whole supply chain part of the story and not some pesky “add on” noisy wheels want addressed.


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