Family & Friends or Public?

Grey’s Anatomy is a renowned American medical drama series that premieres on ABC is about various challenges the characters face in terms of personal and medical decisions. The encounters the characters face test their moral beliefs and values as they choose between the lively hood of their patients and career to become surgeons. The ongoing show focuses around a few major characters, but today I will be talking about four of them: Meredith Grey, Derek Shepard, Richard Webber, and Alex Karev. Dr. Webber is the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital along with Dr. Shepard as an attending who oversees the residents, Dr. Grey and Dr. Karev, who have become close friends over the course of their residency. This show displays numerous moments of internal conflict based on the oath they have sworn to as doctors.


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Go Play Princess: The Gamergate Controversy

In August 2014, female game developer Zoe Quinn released a game called Depression Quest. In spite of receiving critical acclaim, the game was met with backlash from gamers around the world. To make matters worse, a rumor that Quinn had an affair with Nathan Grayson, a video game journalist for the blog site Kotaku surfaced. Grayson was accused of trading positive coverage of female game developer Zoe Quinn’s game for the opportunity to sleep with her. Quinn has since reported receiving death threats and harassment. Continue reading Go Play Princess: The Gamergate Controversy