Do Great Places to Work Do Great Things?- Blog 6

The idea here is to follow Fran Hawthorne‘s lead in Ethical Chic and check if places we want to associate with, corporations with admirable qualities that we want to associate with, are as great across the board as they are at being good to work for.  (Think: most of us thought it would be good to work for an organization that strives for Kantian practices… those kinds of organizations).

See what you can learn about how well they are ethical and ethically chic?

1) Pick an organization or company

For the next blog, pick a company from one of these

Fortune List of Best Companies to Work for

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

Entrepreneur’s 30 Exciting Start-ups

Top 100 NGOS in the World (if you want to look beyond business)

 2) Discuss what is appealing to you about this possible employer.
3) Discover if it deserves your admiration.  Can you find evidence of the organization living up to high ideals?  What sources will you use? Is their own website satisfactory?

So, in sum, is your great place to work doing great work in the world?

4) ONCE YOU pick your organization, put name of organization in comments below. ↓ No REPEATS!  First come (commented), first served.


Before you hit “PUBLISH:”

1) Proofread


2) Get a featured image (and source it in post)

3) Add a mulitmedia clip.  Many, like youtube or vivo can be embedded in your post.  Video help.  Audio help.

4) From now on, when you READ posts, RATE THEM using the star voting.  Try to give only 1-2 5-stars a week.

5) Try adding a poll if you want like I did.  Click “add poll” when composing prompt.


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