Working is FUN?

“You can make money without doing evil”. This statement represents Google’s one of Google’s core philosophical beliefs. They created this statement during the early years of the companies’ development. Google maintains that they “often revisit this list to make sure it holds true”. They guarantee that they will be a corporation that values doing good just as much as they value profits. They realize that doing good often results in a favorable, long-term corporate image. This holds today. Google has become a company that has not only dominated its industry, but also has maintained their promise to be a socially responsible corporation. They serve as the role-model for all corporations by knowing the balance between work and fun, as well as the balance between ethics and profits.

“You can be serious without a suit”. This is another statement Google proposes on their company website. Essentially, they believe that a creative environment allows for innovation and productivity. To me, this is why Google is such an attractive company to work for. This creative company culture ensures that Google cares about their employees. Google takes pride in providing state of the art facilities for their employees. They have nap pods, bowling allies, creative work spaces filled with florescent colors, pool tables, and free gym classes. You name it, they have it. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that has all of these perks? Furthermore, Google allows their employees to devote 20% of their day to their own individual projects.This allows employees to fully envelop themselves in creative projects that they are passionate about. With a plentiful amount of brilliant employees, it is no surprise that many of these innovative projects end up helping the company.  Finally, employees enjoy coming into work. From the interns to upper management, Googlers are excited to make a difference. Here’s a pretty cool video I found on several interns perspectives on Google.

“Everyone should be able to access and enjoy the web. We’re committed to making that a reality”. This quote reflects Google’s genuine concern to always think about the user. In 2008, Googlers created GoogleServe which essentially enables them to take off days from work to give back to the community. Their commitment to adhere to their belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the web stands true with the creation of GoogleServe. For example, Googlers take pride in teaching the elderly how to get online and enjoy the web. They have done this in numerous local communities ranging from Santa Monica, California to Dublin, Ireland. They also engage in a variety of other socially responsible initiatives. Googlers have repaired playground equipment for children in Hamburg, have packed food bags for the underprivileged in Cairo, and have helped in art projects at Singapore’s Association of the Visually Handicapped.

“Google has one of the largest but also one of the greenest data center infrastructures among the world’s companies.” Google also realizes they have a commitment to the environment. From being completely carbon neutral since 2007 to investing 1.5 billion dollars in renewable energy, Google clearly sets initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint. They realize that the future relies on alternative sources of energy. It is without a doubt that Google is an amazing place to work. Google understands that in order to generate profits, they need to develop a favorable corporate image. They have created an unparalleled company culture that allow them to continually thrive in the future.

4 thoughts on “Working is FUN?”

  1. I wonder how often employees are able to take advantage of these perks like the nap pods. I’ve heard of companies that implement similar perks to help employees feel better because of the long hours they are expected to contribute. Do you think there are other reasons Google has these things aside from stimulating creativity or creating a cool work environment?


  2. The environment Google has created for their employees and interns are important to the healthiness and productivity of an employee because Google provides the ability to be creative with their work. But do you also think it could be a bad thing where Google has created a campus with everything you need to get employees to stay and work longer hours?


  3. This set of values and actions that allows Google’s employees to be better members of the community seem great when reading them from the outside. I wonder how they affect the daily lives of Google employees. Do employees get distracted or feel stressed out with these other areas to worry about at work?


  4. I would agree with Max here. Is there any way Google can determine whether an employee is too distracted? Couldn’t the employee just claim they were pursuing other projects or relaxing from the large amount of work they have? It would be interesting to hear about how Google ensures its employees are enjoying their perks while still being as productive as possible.


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