Alibaba: Highest IPO, but What’s Happening Internally?

Alibaba is listed as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovated Companies, as it should be. Alibaba is revolutionizing business. In America, we know of America as the highly successful¬†online retailer that recently acquired SnapChat (an app that is banned in China), but in their country Alibaba is reshaping industries. They are diversified and highly profitable: their expertise stretches from cinema to banking and they had the biggest IPO ever. Everything they touch turns to gold, yet I don’t know anything about their corporate culture. Alibaba deserves all the laud it may receive for the results of its business, but its internal functions are a mystery.

From my first search, i found out that as of 2014, Alibaba had 22,072 employees. Cool, this means nothing to me.

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A Lifetime of Outdoor Adventure

Recreational Equipment, Inc is a outdoor retail store and co-op that sells a broad range of recreational gear. It is a company that brings together a group of people who are passionate about going on outdoor adventures and preserving the outdoor environment. I have been a member since I was young, and my friends and I have often found ourselves spending hours at a time simply meandering throughout the store looking at all the outdoor gear and apparel. After doing more research, I found that REI is not only great as a customer, but also as an employee. REI is a store that truly embraces a life committed to the outdoors.  Continue reading A Lifetime of Outdoor Adventure