Marriott: “We Put People First”

Do Great Places to Work Do Great Things?

The first part of the question is easier to answer. Simply put, employees want to be in a positive and supportive work environment while maximizing their salary and benefits. Employees also want to have meaningful work, but that is difficult to apply as people can have very different perspectives on what is “meaningful”. Fortune List of Best Companies to Work for is determined by two surveys which are sent to a random sample of employees. The first survey asks about management’s credibility, job satisfaction, and camaraderie. This accounts for two-thirds of the score. The remaining third is based on responses to the second survey, which includes questions about pay and benefit programs as well as training, hiring practices, internal communication, etc.

The second question is hard to answer. What quantifies makes a company do great things? There is an endless range of “great things” that a company can do, depending on…

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One thought on “Marriott: “We Put People First””

  1. Marriott is a great example of a company that would struggle to find a single greater purpose. I personally can’t think of an individual charity that they could support that would align with their business model. For now, I think it is a great thing that they are making efforts to treat their employees with respect and give them benefits that extend beyond the workplace. Even though hiring welfare recipients does help their bottom line, it is still a benefit to society and gives people a second chance, which I believe everyone deserves.


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