Prompt 6-Finding an Organization for Paper 2

The BC (Ashley, Mary, Aylin, and Jordi) decided to use this week to make progress on paper 2.

This week is somewhat similar to last week in the sense you will investigate a particular organization.  You should focus on one that is a likely or definite candidate for your paper 2 focus.

This can be an organization we studied this semester, one you profiled last week, or a new one.  Your organization can be any business, civil society/NGO, or governmental organization.  If you have an interesting case you want to examine, for example the B-lab group promoting B Corps laws, or OPEC, or the Business Council on Climate Change just to name some perhaps less obvious ones.

You should focus on two kinds of “M&Ms” sources for this.  one can be the organization’s own documents.  The other can be from news sources or from other independent, watchdog, or activist groups.

Some leads for sources.

1) The Library’s research by subject page, especially the company information or think tank tabs on the left.

2) The HUB’s news/blog resources or

3) My own Jordi’s collections of webpages, library books, and other goodies.

Featured image: Peanut M&Ms.  The best.  When I was a kid, there were no reds…


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