Hippocratic Class Oath

These are the responses I have gotten for our class oath:

As a manager…

  • I lead by example and make decisions in the best interest of my firm, employees, and society. I consider all stakeholders in my decision and aim to create overall value for society.
  • it is my social duty to be transparent, ethical, law-abiding, and moral when making decisions in my company that deal with stakeholders.
  • I will create value for the company and stakeholders through a set of ethical principles.
  • I am representative of society’s interest within my company. The purpose of a manager is to make sure that their employees are working at their best towards sustainable profitability.

Therefore, in fulfilling my role as a manager:

     I will… (What is your duty to shareholders and stakeholders?)

  • place shareholders and stakeholders on a level platform and make decisions promoting their well-being while trying to have minimal negative repercussions.
  • balance the interest of shareholders and stakeholders in order to further the purpose of the firm.

     I will… (How do you plan on staying true to the standards of society?)

  • strive to maintain an understanding of current ethics in society and share that knowledge with my company.
  • work to provide sufficient transparency to maintain societies trust.

     I will… (How will you manage an enterprise in good fath and make sustainable decisions?)

  • strive for transparency while being open to change.
  • seek development through experience and education as well as being a welcoming mentor to other employees.

      I will… (As a manager, what do you plan on doing to develop yourself and others around you?)

  • pledge to recognize the impact of my decisions on the external environment and take responsibility for those impacts.

     I will… (How will you strive to create a sustainable community for management professionals?)

  • focus on the long term, lead by example, regard the value of my employees not as resources but as humans and coworkers.
  • seek to develop a consensus standard for managers and encourage development of management principles.

     I will… (How do you plan on protecting the standards and values of management?)

  • consider a strong ethical and moral core before making decisions that advance the firm.
  • act responsibly and ethically as a manager and hold others to the same standard.

This oath I make freely, and upon my honor to enhance the respect of my responsibility of embodying, protecting, and developing the standards of the management profession.

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