How long are your showers?

My first semester at Bucknell I took a lab science class that focused on sustainability.  For the major project of the semester, each group had to come up with a project affecting the school or community, develop a plan to research the topic and make recommendations or solutions to the school.  My group’s project was to research water usage in showers in residential halls around campus.  We used an instrument to measure the flow of each shower head in Swartz Hall and found that there was not much that could be done through switching shower heads that would save significant amounts of water and energy.

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That’s such a waste of food, Bucknell.

At the Sustainability Symposium, it was interesting to learn to see how people viewed and defined sustainability differently. I presented a project I was working on in my MSUS400 class, where we are looking at organizational development. In the class, I see sustainability as the efficient and effectiveness of the stakeholder network in an organization, since communication is one of the key things any organization needs to be sustainable. As I was walking around and looking at the posters on various projects other people have been working on, it was interesting to see how much your field of study plays an influence in how you perceive sustainability and the green movement. Continue reading That’s such a waste of food, Bucknell.

Let’s build a house…with straw!

For every construction project, there is a certain amount of insulation needed within the walls of a home. The amount of insulation needed in a home varies based upon location. For instance, Florida is in zone 1, which means that builders should utilize insulation for the attic that has an R-Value between 30 and 49. To view what R-value your home’s insulation is recommended to have, click here. The R value signifies the thermal performance of the insulation such that a higher R -Value means that the insulation has a greater thermal performance. Thus, Florida builders would want to use insulation with a lower R-Value than New York builders. According to, the most common form of insulation for homes is blanket insulation or known as fiberglass insulation. To read more about insulation, click here.

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Sustainability in Terms of Language, Justice, and History

I attended a panel designed to discuss sustainability from the perspective of language, justice, and history. The panel was titles “Imagine” and aimed to present the different forms available to the topic of sustainability. I thought this panel was particular interesting in the representation of different academic departments including English, Philosophy, and History.

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