Millennials Outraged Over Obama’s Free Tuition Plan

President Barack Obama’s recent proposal to make community college free for all students has been aggressively attacked by  Millennials, who see the proposal as a violation of their human rights and a disgrace to the education system. The only viable  form of valuable education worth pursuing is paid education. Free tuition sets a precedent among society that higher education can be achieved by everyone, but this creates an increasing demand for higher education with limited, qualified educators. Obama’s proposal aligns with free education which would create unfit educators and a massive free-rider problem among future generations.  In addition, as more students obtain higher education, degrees become completely worthless and our job markets will have an excess of useless skills.

Current college students say the nearly half a million dollars they are paying for higher education education is both healthy, shows respect to the education system, and is a necessary part of adult development. Student debt makes post-graduates both responsible and helps them maintain self-control in their financial lifestyle. In addition, it filters students into the job market quicker and creates lasting bonds between the student and the education they received. Severing this bond would be detrimental to the student’s perception of their college experience. Millennial’s are outraged, stating Obama is trying to meddle in their golden years of college and change their perspective of their experience once post-graduates, laboring in the real world and devoted to paying off their debt.

Finally, student’s financial position plays into the healthcare effects of the American economy. Student with loans operate on tighter food budgets and, thus, keep students thin and fit. Tuition rates directly correlate to our country’s obesity rates as higher tuition rates keep student from over consuming. This directly helps lower our national obesity levels. Nearly 85% of college students say the free tuition proposal would drastically affect our country’s healthcare costs and raise obesity rates. In addition the proposal places ridiculous strains on the economy and would have larger reifications. With a larger, synonymous-skiled work force, jobs become scarce and the economy will eventually suffer a recession. This directly affects millennial who will have no chance to use their “Free Education” in the real world when layoff are rampant and companies declare bankruptcy.

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6 thoughts on “Millennials Outraged Over Obama’s Free Tuition Plan”

  1. I think you presenting an interesting point with some truth regarding our education system and its cost. It just makes me wonder about how our society actually envisioned education and building institutions that are perceived as a “business.”

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    1. The truths that William points out are nicely balanced with some of your more obviously humorous points. For instance, I can imagine someone making the argument that “degrees become completely worthless,” compared to “free tuition proposal would drastically affect our country’s healthcare costs and raise obesity rates.” Your humor comes across as authority and makes it fun to read.


    2. Are you saying it wants to look at higher education as a “business” or that it is doing so which is leading to unintended consequences?


  2. If college degrees become worthless, where would we go from there? MBA? PhD? Then what? What happens when most of the population have their PhDs, spent half of their life in school, and now are looking for jobs? What would distinguish people then?


  3. LOL. What is a “synonymously-skilled work force”? One that can list all the same words for whisper (murmur, susurrate, and so on?).

    Of course, there is the old adage that a free thing is worth exactly what you paid for it…


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