Breaking: Study Abroad Mandatory for All College Students

President of the Board of Collegiate International Affairs, Justin Bieber, has recently issued a public decree to current collegiate students and future applicants requiring a semester abroad. The study abroad excursion will be funded completely by the student’s university.  Now, this all-expenses paid vacation doesn’t come without specific requirements each student is responsible for while on their studying abroad programs.

First, Bieber requires all study abroader’s to post at least two Instagrams a day.  One Instagram must be of a traditional meal specific to the country. The second instagram must be the student posing(Sorority/Fraternity signs encouraged) in front of the countries’ must prominent landmark. The numerous Instagrams will ensure students are taking advantage of their cultural experience. It will show that they are broadening their cultural horizons.


Second, Bieber addresses that going abroad will decrease the amount of partying done by students.  Universities  across the nation are often susceptible to underage drinking, just like many colleges throughout the country.  Since the drinking age is 18 in most places around the world, it will deter students from engaging in this type of behavior when they are back in the states. They will realize the negative effects alcohol can have on their body. Students will also be able to observe the poor decision-making that often corresponds with drinking alcohol.

Third, students will take a rigorous course schedule, unspecific to their major. Despite these classes being unspecific to a students major, they still offer an insightful educational experience. Finance majors get to learn about architecture and art, subjects that are really going to help broaden a student’s educational capacity. These programs never distract a student from their educational goals.

To conclude, the Board of Collegiate International Affairs feels that studying abroad is such a valuable use of time for college students. It is essential for every college student to participate in such a challenging educational experience.

Disclosure: This piece is SATIRE.

4 thoughts on “Breaking: Study Abroad Mandatory for All College Students”

  1. I think the topic you are presenting is actually very true. I mean it would be amazing if studying aboard was all expenses paid and mandatory, but I do think studying aboard is an important part of a students education because it can provide a different perspective and way of thinking about our global society. Especially as our world is becoming more interconnected through innovation like technology.


  2. I think you bring up a great point about posting abroad pictures on instagram. While I was abroad I took many pictures, and some were particularly for instagram, and now it makes me think that I might have not paid close attention to some of the historical places or scenery I saw due to my concern of taking a perfect screenshot for instagram purposes.


  3. I thought it was really funny that you had justin beiber as the President of the Board of Collegiate International Affairs, because he never went to college and also because it is Justin Beiber. Does this piece hint at the fact that going abroad isn’t a great learning experience?


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