Men Flock to Hungary for Annual Wet T-Shirt Contest

As Christians around the world gather to celebrate Easter weekend, travel agencies across the globe are noting the large numbers of men headed to Hungary for the holy weekend. With “Ducking Monday” fast approaching, local stores are selling out of buckets and pails, while Hungarian natives are brushing off their traditional suspenders and skirts in preparation for their annual wet t-shirt contest.

“My brother was abroad last year and said the Hungarian event really gave him a new appreciation for the Easter season,” said a Bucknell University student.

On the Monday following Easter, men and boys get a free pass to dump buckets of water over their female counterparts. When a bucket wasn’t around, a local pond or stream can be just as effective. In the true spirit of the holiday, the men are in fact doing a great favor as their buckets provide the cleaning, healing, and fertility effects. Women are required to pay the entry fee for the contest, which is one red dyed Easter egg for every boy who volunteers his services.

Other countries are in talks with Hungarian officials about the possibility of expanding the event to reach a global scale. In the case that this tradition becomes the latest holiday trend in America, we recommend that men grab their buckets and women prepare the divorce papers.

Note: This piece is intended as satire. 

Feature Image: Hungarian men throw buckets of water at young women in an Easter tradition. Found at -

2 thoughts on “Men Flock to Hungary for Annual Wet T-Shirt Contest”

  1. Maybe Hungary can sue bars in the US for coyright or trademark infringement?

    Did you ever see this bit about witches, drowning and the mideval period? Maybe the Hungarian tradition is rooted in this…

    The point is, if she drowns, she isn’t a witch and if she doesn’t, well, you will have to see.


  2. I don’t know for sure, but the tradition could have easily grown out the witch tradition. Maybe they were wrong so often they switched to dumping buckets of water on them instead?


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