Drinking Coke is the solution to California’s Drought

As our society becomes more worried about the scarcity of water and environmental sustainability, Coca-Cola may have found the solution. You are not able to supplement Coca-Cola beverages for drinking water as well as bathing and cooking purposes. “Researchers at Oregon State University found that 68 percent of the earth’s supply of potable water is trapped in Coca-Cola products” (The Onion).

It is scary to see how much of the planet’s freshwater reserves is left and how much exactly of it is trapped within Coca-Cola products. Only 97% of the earth’s water is fresh and more than two-thirds are in Coke products allowing us to replace Coke beverages as our new means water. Unfortunately, with the high volume of portable water trapped in sources such as Coke, Diet Coke, Caffeine-free Coke, Dr. Pepper, and other Coke beverages throughout stores, vending machines, and homes there is not way of extracting that portable water.

“Our own country has enough water in its Vanilla Coke Zero to fill Lake Michigan, but in its current state that water is useless to us” (Ghosh).

The mixture between the water and various chemical compounds make the water suitable for other uses such as bathing and cooking. The lack of research they have put into developing a filtration system that can turn these products into clean drinking water is starting to hurt our fresh water supply. If the potable water can be harnessed then it could double our access to safe drinking water allowing us to recycle the water for other beverages.

The amount of potable water in Coke allows us to live off their beverages and save our society from the water scarcity. There has examination on the ongoing drought in California that found that if we were able to tap into the freshwater supply within Sprite in Los Angeles area, California State would be able to meet their needs of water for a few years to come. As our water source becomes more abundant, the more it will be reserved and used in Coke and related beverages as it is our new source of drinking water.

What does this mean to us as a society?

Do we need to reevaluate the way we consume and/or market these types of products?

What does sustainability really mean in our society and to organizations like Coke?


Featured Image: http://d1lwft0f0qzya1.cloudfront.net/dims4/COKE/ad8fd24/2147483647/thumbnail/596×334/quality/75/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fassets.coca-colacompany.com%2F1c%2Fa8%2F94211d2f45b1a16082967438a36a%2FEconomic-Opportunity-604-st.jpg


9 thoughts on “Drinking Coke is the solution to California’s Drought”

  1. I almost wrote a story about the drought in California. There are many news stories competing for our attention. This is a very important subject that many people seem to be ignoring.


    1. I remember seeing articles about the drought and about the contents of Coke products, but didn’t read them in depth. You’re piece was actually very educational.


      1. A company called OKO claims to have a bottle that can indeed filter water out of Coke (seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFcpKmB6fbg). If a true filtration system were developed and sold internationally, I wonder what effect the filter might have on Coke products worldwide. Perhaps the Coca-Cola company should develop such a filter itself, considering they could then advertise its products as being convertible into drinking water.


  2. I think it is time consumers start to look at the various tradeoffs behind consuming certain products. In this instance, purchasing a Vanilla Coke Zero means there could result in a reduction of water supply. I am surprised the water in Vanilla Coke Zero alone could fill Lake Michigan. If there is a drought in California, should Coke reduce production and try to help?


  3. This was a very well written, clever and funny blog post! it highlights Coco-Cola’s reach within the consumer market in the water, beverage, and the products. Their reach can be slightly scary (in retrospect) but the company has a lot of potential to do good. What water project could Coke be actively involved in to help communities?


  4. 🙂

    Don’t you mean 97% of earth’s water is NOT fresh? I thought most was salt water….

    I do love the idea of everyone opening cans of Sprite and dumping them onto ground.

    Found this cool urban garden image…
    Not quite drought solution, but a good idea.


  5. not sure pouring out sodas is the solution to the problem but it definitely leads to the question of how much involvement large corporations could/should have in environmental crises like this one


    1. The involvement of these large corporations especially like Coca-cola that have a huge presence in developing countries is important not only to the environment but also to social issues such as public health. This is controversial though as the products they are selling aren’t healthy


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