Philadelphia Phillies voted Best Place to Work in MLB


The Philadelphia Phillies have been voted the best place to work among employees in Major League Baseball. The voting was conducted anonymously, but we interviewed several individuals involved with the process off the record to hear their reaction.

General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. had an unprecedented 98% approval rating to top our CEO popularity list among employees for the 4th year in a row. The reason for the love? It’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby! Despite being unable to finish with a winning record since the 2010-2011 season, the Phillies have fielded the 9th, 3rd, 3rd, and 2nd most expensive teams in Baseball since there last winning season.

In 2010, Amaro boasted “”We don’t have an in-house stats guy, and I kind of feel we never will. We’re not a statistics-driven organization by any means.”


An anonymous Agent responded to that quote: “I love that they believe in the eye test for valuing players. Numbers never lie, but it is very easy for my clients to pass the Phillies eye tests. I named my yacht Ruben Amaro III after the Papelbon signing.”

Former player: “Most lockers rooms have a very cutthroat, competitive environment. If you’re not playing up to your contract, there can be some tension. In Philadelphia, there was a very laid back culture. Nobody cared if you were injured, in a slump, or generally hated by all of the fans… I enjoyed the casual business culture there.”


Anonymous player: “Ruben Amaro Jr.— the three favorite words of every player entering free agency. Players know that the opportunity to join the Philly’s organization is a chance to sign a contract that no other team would ever offer.”


Current Player: “I love Ruben. I invite him over for dinner. We vacation together. It’s the least I could do, Where else could I have signed a contract for 5 years/$125 million that will pay me until I’m 36 and kicked in the year after I ruptured my Achilles!”


2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Phillies voted Best Place to Work in MLB”

  1. Now here’s a guy who really values his players over the public! Seems like he’s really committed to having a winning season! In reality, he seems to be doing a pretty bad job as a GM.


  2. Knowledge of baseball would, I guess, help me understand the humor.

    Meanwhile, sabremetrics is catching up to futbol (soccer). Some European team hired the Oakland A’s stats guy, I think, to help them evaluate talent.


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