Report: Direct Correlation Between Nice Weather and Apathy to School

A recently self-published and self-conducted study by Bucknell University students uncovered some stunning information. Students display a much lower interest in classes and schoolwork when the weather becomes nicer in the spring. These shocking results were discovered after students enjoyed several days of gorgeous weather in the high fifties and low sixties in early April following a brutal winter with temperatures in the single digits, icy conditions and seemingly endless snowfall. A student who participated in the study and requested to remain anonymous said, “I’m just so thankful to see some sun and be able to wear t-shirts again”. The study also found once the weather becomes nice, as is the case now, students prefer to spend less time in class and even less time doing work, and would rather be outside and spending time with friends. This trend, though prevalent across all grades, was highest among seniors, who are counting down the weeks until graduation. Another anonymous study participant said, “I find it really challenging to sit in class or in the library working on a project when I know my friends are outside doing fun activities.”

Digging a little deeper into the study findings, students expressed particular dislike towards lengthy papers. The same anonymous student quoted above about finding it challenging to be in class or the library in nice weather also said, “I’d much rather be golfing and drinking a few beers with friends than writing a 20 page paper.” This student has a paper much like the one described above for The Stakeholder Organization they are dreading. “I know the paper is going to be a ton of work, and as a lazy college student, am really not stoked to have to write it, especially when I know all of the other sweet things I could be doing. In about two months, I’ll have graduated from college and won’t have the same luxury of being able to mess around for an entire Friday with no real responsibilities. The few responsibilities I actually have now, like this paper, are really difficult to accomplish when the weather is nice.” Some of the activities particularly popular for students in the nice weather are golf, wiffleball, floating down the Susquehanna and laying around doing nothing, just enjoying the company of friends and beautiful weather.

7 thoughts on “Report: Direct Correlation Between Nice Weather and Apathy to School”

  1. I wonder what activities could be done to help seniors not dread the thought of going to class. maybe an end of year party? a movie? Caleb, do you have any other ideas?


    1. I would love to go outside more if we had better facilities. Add some amphitheaters, better acoustics, make them away from walking paths (less distraction), add outdoor chalkboards, maybe even some outdoor projection.

      Sitting on damp ground for three hours doesn’t work well for this class.
      One idea for an outdoor classroom


    1. I agree. If a teacher announced that class is outside on a nice day, I think my fellow seniors would be a lot less likely to skip and might even be excited to go to class that day.


  2. New headline: “Professor Experiments with 20 Page Paper due FIRST Day of Class.”

    Followed by this one: “Professor Discovers First-Day-Paper-Due Leads to Zero Enrollment.”



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