Study Shows College Students View Jobs as “Myth”

A new study targeting college juniors and seniors across the country has drawn a shocking conclusion that today’s youth now view “jobs” as more myth than fact. In the study’s rankings, college students viewed a full time job as significantly more believable than the existence of leprechauns and slightly less believable than the existence of Centaurs. One student commented, “It doesn’t make any sense. You hear stories about Sasquatch and Bigfoot and how people go out on camping trips just trying to document their existence and capture that universal fascination. But then you hear people talk about these things called “jobs” in such a factual manner, like they obviously exist, and it’s infuriating. My friends and I have spent almost four months straight looking across the entire US for jobs, and there’s just not even a trace. I’m sick of all the Sasquatch/Bigfoot sightings and attention, let’s find some jobs for once and debunk that myth first!”

Another student’s response, equally as outraged, can be seen below.

The study also indicated a growing amount of frustration the age group has with the rest of the country’s attitude towards jobs. Immense pressure placed on students to find jobs, coupled with a rapidly depleting timeframe leaves them stressed and confused as a country-wide search for this mythical object continues. “I’ve found things called unpaid internships, part-time work, work-study programs, externships, co-ops, but nothing has remotely resembled this alleged “paying, full time job” my parents always allude to,” says one surveyed student. Most students believe the term has simply shifted meaning over the years to become some unascertainable, golden standard that can simply never be truly reached.

While across the board students ranked Jobs as one of the world’s biggest inexplicable myths, there was some unexplainable variation in the study. Arts and Sciences majors found jobs to be 90% mythical and 10% based on fact. Business students found them to be 75% myth, and engineers only 60%. Researchers continue to look for trends in their study as students look for traces of these so-called “jobs.”

3 thoughts on “Study Shows College Students View Jobs as “Myth””

  1. I really your piece very relatable as many of us are seniors and pressured to find a “job.” People always tell us our major doesn’t matter and we do something that we enjoy, but it becomes more unbelievable when there are many graduates who are drowning in thousands of dollars of debt and still looking for employment.


  2. Your blog post was both relevant and cleverly written. I appreciate the topic’s irony as I seem to be surrounded by the job market and the pressure to apply to jobs. it is comical to me because I have no applied to a single job during my senior year and the pressure to conform is very real. I have focused on volunteer and teaching programs abroad and wonder what others have done? What do students do if they are not interested in joining the workforce?


  3. I don’t understand why you would Capitalize Centaur and Jobs but not “leprechaun.” Because they are short? Are you anti-short people or just anti-Irish?

    Why did I find this picture on your seat after last class?

    Jay Hates Leprechauns


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