Blog Council Report: Onion News

What we Did Well

  • Keeping posts interesting and entertaining to read
  • Comments brought up new points and ideas to form a discussion, there was a good mix of jokes/continuing the trend of satire while also having thought provoking points and ideas

What Needs Improvement

  • These were a little shorter than normal (could have been because of the prompt)
  • Had trouble relating the articles and satires to have an overall point/content
  • Keep rating when you read!
  • Hard to write: possibly because of genre?
    • That’s OK, it’s good to practice new forms of genre
  • Get your posts in on time!



  • Greg’s post on Chipotle
  • Jess’s post on Millennials outrage over free tuition
  • Megan’s post on a fashion item causing hospitalizations

Opening Acts

  • Rafi’s post on Bret Favre
  • William’s post on Coke solving California’s drought problem
  • Luke’s post on Selfie enhancement surgeries

Featured Image: Comedy Central

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