Biometric Password

I think it would be really cool if Elon Musk could design a single biometric scanning system for everything locking in your life. This would range from phones and computers to cars and house doors. Every person would be scanned for a few simple things at birth, like eyeballs and fingerprints. These would then be uploaded into a massive database controlling everything someone would want locked. Obviously this has been an idea tossed around for quite some time, but I think if all biometric information were centralized in one single database, it would be incredibly convenient and simple. Scanners could be set for only one person, like a phone password or front door. However, if someone wanted to enable another person to borrow their car, they could enable their biometric information to give them access to the car for a specific period of time. When the time expired, they would no longer have the ability to use the car. Another advantage of biometric information would be it is incredibly difficult to counterfeit. A person can easily find out someone’s computer password or make a copy of their key, but replicating their fingerprint or eyeball is much more challenging.  I know a lot of progress has been made in the field of biometric passwords, but I think within 10 years, all passwords should be like this, and would like to see Elon Musk help do so.

The Great Recession

Mr. Musk,

I propose that you invent a solution to a problem that affects the life of every person who has ever lived, but is rarely spoken about.  It is a problem that worsens as we age and only makes life more difficult as it gets worse, and to be honest I am not quite sure why there isn’t already a good solution to it.  This problem is gum recession.  Depending on how well people care for their teeth and gums and in which behavior they engage, their gums can recede significantly, which can lead to tooth mobility and loss.  Strong teeth (and teeth in general) are such a necessary part of our lives–we can’t eat without them.   Continue reading The Great Recession

Use Your Body as a Energy Conductor…

The human body, at any given moment, produces energy equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb. -Sebastian Anthony

The discovery of electricity led to the finding of lighting, changed the way our society functioned and thrived. The introduction of this new technology helped change the way we operate at night and later finding how much more productive our society can actually be. Lighting has become so integrated into our lives that we are not trying to find new sources of producing this light at a cheaper cost. In the US and other developed countries, we take lighting for granted and we do not realize how many benefits they are actually provide us. Individuals who live in third world countries or rural communities they do not have the technology, money, and/or infrastructure to actually receive light. Continue reading Use Your Body as a Energy Conductor…

Buying Time

The affects on Climate Change are upon us. Weather as we know it, is only becoming more and more extreme. The rise in temperature globally, even though very incremental, creates detrimental affects that including the melting of polar caps, the rise of sea level, and major natural disasters. Scientists believe that what is happening is inevitable, because we have surpassed almost all of the world’s planetary thresholds. So Mr. Musk, what if we invented something that was able to prevent the increased temperature change on Earth?

I have two suggestions, both of which will either prevent the increase in global temperature change or slow it down. The first is a world wide cooling system that could be created in way that it uses only renewable energy.  In addition, it would strategically be placed so that the wind can carry the cooler air and spread across the globe. Tests would have to be done in order to create a product that is actually successful and doesn’t have adverse side affects.

The second is synthetic molecules that replicate molecules that create the ozone layer, in order to repair the holes in o-zone layer. This would stop the sun’s rays from warming up the global temperature. The combination of these two products could potentially give human more time to create more solutions that can decrease Climate Change. Because we are truly running out of time to find a solution.

This idea isn’t intended to solve the problem of climate change and the many issues surrounding it, but its to buy us time to change our practices in to something more sustainable. It’ll give us time to make the transition from oil and natural gas to electric.

How Impactful is an Individual on Society?

In getting into a philosophical debate the other night with a friend, I realized society has no measurement or parameters for an individual’s impact on humanity. Self-identifying as a realist, he was arguing that most individual people have no effect on society or the direction our humanity takes. My argument was that every individual effects our society, and, thus humanity. My statement centers around on an individual’s effects on other people. Generally, we have no idea the impact we have on others around us because we don’t ask each other. However, what we say, what we do, and how we act can greatly change another person’s perception of the world and “their society.” From this sense, impact works through our social networks and is a ripple effect. Continue reading How Impactful is an Individual on Society?

Running on Air

The first thing I think of when I think of inventions I would like to see are science fiction inspired things like teleportation or time machines. So thinking of something a little more realistic was a challenge, but after getting off the phone with my dad it occurred to me that I would like Mr. Musk to invent a running shoe technology that would truly prevent knee pain in older runners.

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A Potential Cure to Our Sleepless Lives

Originally, I was going to propose inventing a dream machine that would record people’s dreams and play them back to us in the morning like television. I came up with this because I hardly ever remember my dreams, and I thought that remembering dreams would provide insight into peoples’ sub-conscious minds; thus enabling people to understand themselves in a new light. However, as I tried to research the importance of dreams, the subject was largely overshadowed by the importance of sleep, so I decided to add to my invention. If I could have something invented, I would want a sleeping cap invented that when put on, would help to relax people’s minds in order to fall asleep faster and easier. But, because dreams and sleep are so interconnected (and I think remembering dreams would be fascinating), this sleeping cap would also record our dreams and replay them to us the next morning.

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Recycle Battery Vending Machine

I love this idea from a few years ago.  Original post by Vinni Ciotti.

For my 60-second idea I wanted to approach a small aspect of a large problem.  In today’s world, we are facing a rather large pollution problem.  Within the problem of pollution, battery disposal is an issue that we face, and a lot of people are not properly disposing of their batteries.  It is common knowledge that people use a TON of batteries throughout their lifetime.  From TV remotes, to Xbox controllers, to clocks, all the way to flashlights, we use batteries of all different sizes each and every day.  There are already battery collection stations around the world, but I find there to be a lack of incentive for people to actually travel to them and dispose of batteries properly. Continue reading Recycle Battery Vending Machine