Biometric Password

I think it would be really cool if Elon Musk could design a single biometric scanning system for everything locking in your life. This would range from phones and computers to cars and house doors. Every person would be scanned for a few simple things at birth, like eyeballs and fingerprints. These would then be uploaded into a massive database controlling everything someone would want locked. Obviously this has been an idea tossed around for quite some time, but I think if all biometric information were centralized in one single database, it would be incredibly convenient and simple. Scanners could be set for only one person, like a phone password or front door. However, if someone wanted to enable another person to borrow their car, they could enable their biometric information to give them access to the car for a specific period of time. When the time expired, they would no longer have the ability to use the car. Another advantage of biometric information would be it is incredibly difficult to counterfeit. A person can easily find out someone’s computer password or make a copy of their key, but replicating their fingerprint or eyeball is much more challenging.  I know a lot of progress has been made in the field of biometric passwords, but I think within 10 years, all passwords should be like this, and would like to see Elon Musk help do so.

5 thoughts on “Biometric Password”

  1. There will need to be a scanning system added to every home as well, which be quite a long process. I wonder if this idea could actually become feasible in the next couple of years.


  2. How do you think the scanning systems would be implemented? Do you see it as more of a gradual inclusion in things like cars and eventually households?


  3. OMG… the security risk… how would we deal with that?

    The market in stolen eyeballs… ok that is gory.

    But how long till someone gets a digital copy and then has access to everything?

    Would you have to change your eyeballs?


  4. If you have an iPhone 5, Apple has your fingerprint. iCloud has been hacked before. That means it’s easy for a hacker to steal your fingerprint. Once you lose your fingerprint, you’ve lost it forever.

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