Recycle Battery Vending Machine

I love this idea from a few years ago.  Original post by Vinni Ciotti.

For my 60-second idea I wanted to approach a small aspect of a large problem.  In today’s world, we are facing a rather large pollution problem.  Within the problem of pollution, battery disposal is an issue that we face, and a lot of people are not properly disposing of their batteries.  It is common knowledge that people use a TON of batteries throughout their lifetime.  From TV remotes, to Xbox controllers, to clocks, all the way to flashlights, we use batteries of all different sizes each and every day.  There are already battery collection stations around the world, but I find there to be a lack of incentive for people to actually travel to them and dispose of batteries properly.  My solution is to create a battery drop off station that also prints out coupons for the size battery you just dropped off.  It would separate the batteries placed into it like a coin machine does, and then prints out small coupons for you to use at participating places.  If you drop off a AA battery, a AA battery coupon is spit out.  After all, if people are disposing of batteries, they are most likely going to need to buy more, so what would be better than saving the environment while scoring a deal on something you need every day.

The cool part about these machines is that they would be powered by the batteries being dropped of.  It is in uncommon knowledge that a lot of batteries that are considered dead, still have a considerable amount of energy in them.  To spit out the small coupons would require little energy, and as people place the batteries in the machine, the little energy needed to throw out a coupon could be powered, at least partially, by the batteries being dropped off.  It would function (hopefully) like this energy seed lamp that uses “dead” batteries:

Energy Seed

In order to ensure there is no issue with this system, a small backup energy source should be installed in the machine as well.  Battery pollution is a hard thing to prevent because people do not directly see the negative effects of throwing batteries in the normal garbage, and they seem to have a thought process of out of sight, out of mind.  If we give an incentive, more people are willing to participate in the proper disposal.  The kicker….each machine would have information on it that explains the importance of proper battery disposal.  This would also aid in raising awareness and possibly help with the problem of battery waste.  With the right partnerships with companies who are looking to show responsibility, this project could significantly reduce the amount of batteries improperly disposed.


3 thoughts on “Recycle Battery Vending Machine”

  1. I never really considered the amount of pollution that is a result of improper disposal of batteries. As I was reading your post, I tried to think of the last time that I used disposable batteries. I couldn’t remember. Every device that I use everyday runs on a rechargeable battery, and even when I am done with a device with a rechargeable battery, I rarely throw that device away. I usually recycle those devices through the company they came from. I might also give the device to another person to use. What if we switched all devices to rechargeable batteries?

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  2. that is a very clever idea to encourage individuals to recycle their batteries because the acid that leaks from batteries is very harmful to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. I was wondering when you mentioned about the energy seed lamp using energy from “dead batteries,” so is there a way where we can understand that technology and harvest the left over energy from the recycled battery? Another idea could be combining other innovative green technology (harnessing solar energy?) along with technology like the energy seed lamp.

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