The Great Recession

Mr. Musk,

I propose that you invent a solution to a problem that affects the life of every person who has ever lived, but is rarely spoken about.  It is a problem that worsens as we age and only makes life more difficult as it gets worse, and to be honest I am not quite sure why there isn’t already a good solution to it.  This problem is gum recession.  Depending on how well people care for their teeth and gums and in which behavior they engage, their gums can recede significantly, which can lead to tooth mobility and loss.  Strong teeth (and teeth in general) are such a necessary part of our lives–we can’t eat without them.  I propose that you invent a pill or a spray that promotes gum regrowth (since gums don’t grow back naturally), so people with receding gums can keep their teeth without receiving the expensive, painful surgery that is available today.

The reason i propose this is because I personally am extremely paranoid about gum recession–I take very good care of my gums but know that they naturally recede with time.  I feel very sorry for people who have missing teeth, because one of my biggest fears is having mine fall out–how much harder is life when you can’t chew food?  I realize this isn’t the biggest problem in the world, but it seems like a relatively simple solution to what I consider a fairly significant personal issue that every human faces.  Our teeth are part of who we are–we shouldn’t be subject to the fear of losing them.

4 thoughts on “The Great Recession”

  1. I looked into the gum recession problem and found that there is a surgery that can fix this. However, its a pretty expensive surgery that most people would most likely not invest in. An affordable pill or spray would definitely benefit people who are suffering from gum recession.


  2. Not only would this benefit our lives in America, but I can only imagine how impactful this would be for the quality of life of citizens of developing nations who may not have had access to good dental care their full lives.


  3. Soda (and risky behavior in general) isn’t the only cause of gum recession–there are certain hereditary predispositions that leave people more susceptible to gum disease. Studies show that 30% of the population may be predisposed to it, regardless of how they care for their teeth.


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