Use Your Body as a Energy Conductor…

The human body, at any given moment, produces energy equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb. -Sebastian Anthony

The discovery of electricity led to the finding of lighting, changed the way our society functioned and thrived. The introduction of this new technology helped change the way we operate at night and later finding how much more productive our society can actually be. Lighting has become so integrated into our lives that we are not trying to find new sources of producing this light at a cheaper cost. In the US and other developed countries, we take lighting for granted and we do not realize how many benefits they are actually provide us. Individuals who live in third world countries or rural communities they do not have the technology, money, and/or infrastructure to actually receive light.

15-year-old Anna Makosinski from British Columbia created a prototype flashlight powered by body heat. The flashlight is an aluminum tube and a PVC tube that uses the transferred heat from one’s hand to the other to power the flashlight. It is hollow where air will cool one side of a Peltier tile and other transfers heat.

There are roughly 1.5 billion people (or about a quarter) of the world’s population do not have reliable access to electricity and lighting. Individuals who lack the access to these resources are hindered in particular aspects of their lives. It is difficult to see the full totality of it until we are actually experiencing it, but I think the flashlight Anna invented can be one step forward into a different future that is low cost in terms of producing light. With this flashlight it can be imagined being used during nighttime for individuals who do not have proper or any kind of lighting in their homes. The real cost comes from the raw materials, but this flashlight can be highly beneficial for everyone in the world, but especially for those who do not have access to light and electricity. This will provide a tremendous amount of help for 1.5 billion people who do not have proper access to electricity at a low, sustainable cost.

I think one tweak that could be possibly added to this invention could be a small solar energy conductor, so the flashlight can have a second source of energy as back up if something malfunctions in the flashlight. If the cost for building these flashlights with (out) the solar energy conductor it could be a piece of technology that will greater improve the quality of life for many individuals on a daily basis.

Innovations like the flashlight is the type of green technology that pushes the boundaries with what we can do with the resources around us to create a more sustainable world to live in. It is about innovation and creativity comes from all aspects of an individual’s life.

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4 thoughts on “Use Your Body as a Energy Conductor…”

  1. How much would the raw materials cost do you think? This seems like a pretty affordable way to generate energy. I find it intriguing that a 15 year old created this brilliant invention.


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