Think to type


When thinking of inventions I would ask Elon Musk to dedicate his time too, I started by racking my brain for inventions that would service a public need and improve quality of life in some way. Then my mind began to wander… and an idea hit me that was so good I had to write it down before I forgot it: a system which allows you to dictate your thoughts without saying a word.

Imagine the possibilities of a world in which we can record notes without having to take the time to write them down or type them. The interface of my invention would be activated by the user thinking “Siri (or other interesting, futuristic name), dictate the following thought.” Thoughts could be organized into folders such as shopping lists, reminders, ideas, and even full essays. Imagine the productivity that could be gained by freeing oneself from the burden of putting pen to paper, and instead being able to intuitively think your ideas and have them be recorded for later.

One drawback that will make this difficult that readily come to mind are sorting through the clutter of our thoughts to create legible work. I also think this device would have a lot of room to grow. In the future, maybe it could save images, videos, or even emotions. I wonder what its potential to connect to the internet will be?


2 thoughts on “Think to type”

  1. This is interesting if you compare it to my post about how we should become disconnected. We constantly hear about the NSA tapping the phones of its own citizens, imagine if they could tap into their thoughts. I think an invention like this has the potential to challenge individual liberty.


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