A Meal Fit for Two Klutzes

If I could have dinner with anyone, who would I choose? Ellen DeGeneres and Robert Downey Jr. came to mind, but, while I’m sure meeting either celeb would be amazing, I’m not sure I could carry a great conversation with either for an evening.

So who would be entertaining, do most of the talking, be up for an adventurous venue, and be sure to make me laugh all night?

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Sup Bill?

I love the Cosby Show. Growing up, it was what I watched when I was sick, sad or bored. The Huxtables were part of the village that raised me. And, of course, at the center was the jello-loving, sweater-wearing, family-man, Bill Cosby.

High school hit, and I got really into stand-up. The reliance on words, the simplicity of one person a mike and a stage, and of course it was hilarious. Through stand-up, I reconnected with Bill. His style was like no one else’s. Bill performed sitting down. He doesn’t curse. Most of his comedy relies on observational humor and morality. He’s incredibly quick-witted. He broke form. And it worked.

So when it came to rape accusations, I kept my head in the sand.

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