Sup Bill?

I love the Cosby Show. Growing up, it was what I watched when I was sick, sad or bored. The Huxtables were part of the village that raised me. And, of course, at the center was the jello-loving, sweater-wearing, family-man, Bill Cosby.

High school hit, and I got really into stand-up. The reliance on words, the simplicity of one person a mike and a stage, and of course it was hilarious. Through stand-up, I reconnected with Bill. His style was like no one else’s. Bill performed sitting down. He doesn’t curse. Most of his comedy relies on observational humor and morality. He’s incredibly quick-witted. He broke form. And it worked.

So when it came to rape accusations, I kept my head in the sand.

I idolized this man. i heard the accusations, I just didn’t want to believe them. But as the accusers and evidence continue to mount, denial becomes more and more impossible. There are currently 14 women publicly accusing Bill Cosby of sexual abuse, including super model Cindy Crawford. Bill Cosby’s assaults were violent and included drugs. There were multiple accounts of Bill offering women drinks and them not remembering anything until the next day, when they woke up in Bill’s bed.

This is the man I want to have dinner with.

When it comes to the food and drink I don’t really care what he eats, as I will be bringing my own food and beverage and body guard. However, Bill continues to refuse to speak about these accusations. For closure’s sake, I want to know what happened. Bill let me down. He was the first feminist comedian, or at least that’s how he portrayed himself. I want to talk to Bill and ask him what parts were lies and if I was a fool for trusting him. Did he care about me at all? I was rooting for him.  Basically, I want to break up with him. I just feel that it’s classier to do it in person. I owe him that much.

Below is the link to an AP interview with Bill in which he refuses to respond regarding the allegations.

6 thoughts on “Sup Bill?”

  1. I liked your honesty in choosing Bill Cosby. It’s so easy to forget that we once liked someone before realizing that they have done something terrible. I appreciate the precautionary measures you would put in place for your dinner and like that you are using the dinner as a breakup.


  2. You have really interesting perceptive on the whole Bill Cosby scandal as you have a personal connection to his comedy. How would you feel if he ignored all conversation regarding the accusations? How would you feel if he admitted to the accusations? I am curious how you would walk away form the dinner either way. It is always difficult to see someone you admire not live up to the image you have created in your mind.


  3. I loved old vinyl of Cosby when I was a kid before the show. He had this killer Noah routine. Also, he did Fat Albert, which was great.

    I was also crushed to hear all the accusations. I know not guilty until proven in law, but it i shard to imagine all of his accusers are some vast conspiracy to tarnish his image.

    I never thought of him as feminist… how so? Not disagreeing, just curious.


  4. Bravo, this was such a creative choice. You used this blog post to pick a person you truly would like to get some answers from. It’s hard to look up to someone and for their image to crumble under these allegations, and all of us want to know the truth. I would hope he would tell you what you want to know so you could have some closure with your long-time relationship. I do wonder if he told you these allegations were false and he is truly a stand-up man, would you believe him in light of everything that has been said against him?


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