Dinner with Edward Snowden

There are many people with whom I’d like to have dinner. My list includes mostly celebrities and a few politicans. But unlike most of those people, Edward Snowden has been in exile from the United States, so he has been almost inaccessible to the U.S. public. Unlike most of those people, Edward Snowden is considered an enemy of the United States. What I’m most interested in, is what possessed him to leak information about the government. Undoubtably he is a brilliant computer genius and could’ve been really successful, instead he is spending his entire life on the run in between Russia and China.

Our dinner would have to be in one of the few countries that give immunity. First I’d ask him about his current life in comparison to the one he used to live in the United Staes? Has he been able to keep in contact with his family? But then I’d ask the real questions that everyone has been wondering, why did he do it? That would be my first question for him. What was the process that lead up to the point where he decided to leak government information? Does he regret it? There must been so much more to the story than the media lets on. Also, he must have felt like it was his duty to the world…otherwise why else would he give up his entire life in order to publicize this top secret government information?

There is a lot of insight that Snowden could give me that I could otherwise not get from the media and newspapers. It seems that there is a lot that we still do not know as citizens, whether it is our best interest to know about things I don’t know. However, many people felt betrayed after Wikileaks. Edward Snowden could potentially clear this negative image he has during this dinner and I would like to give that chance.

2 thoughts on “Dinner with Edward Snowden”

  1. I actually watched Citizenfour last week and it documented his story from the time he contacted journalists to leak the info, his time in China telling the journalists his stories and why he is doing this, his decision to take full blame, and then his time on the run, finally leading to his exile in Russia. In addition, there was an episode on “Last Week with John Oliver,” where John Oliver actually traveled to Russia to meet with Snowden. I recommend watching both of these because they will answer all your questions. After watching them myself, I felt a lot more positively about Snowden. To me, he is a brave citizen that stood up to the government for all of us, knowing that he is giving up his life in the process.


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