The Best Friend I Want

I have a small list of celebrities that I would one day like to be friends with. Maybe that’s not okay to admit, but it is the truth. On that list are the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Sam Heughan, and quite a few others, including the wonderful Mindy Kaling.

Beginning with The Office and following her to The Mindy Project,  I have admired Kaling’s sense of humor and work ethic for years. I love that she tells it likes it is and writes characters that are lovable and flawed. The opportunity to have dinner with a role model like Mindy Kaling would be both hilariously fun as well as inspirational.


If you ever get the chance to read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Kaling, you’ll get to read a lot about how she started out, which involves Kaling starring as Ben Affleck in a play called Matt & Ben. Throughout many of her book examples, Kaling just simply refuses to be seen as less than based on her race and gender. In interviews, Kaling has stated that she is incapable of seeing herself as an underdog and has written in her book that “why the fuck not me? “should be everyone’s motto.

Considering her laid back attitude and the fact that we both like our food, I imagine dinner with Kaling to be at a hole in the wall Italian restaurant. While stuffing our faces with pasta dishes and side salads, we’d chat about the highs and lows of her experiences in the entertainment industry, discuss the latest in pop-culture, and turn the generic parts of our day into stories we can both laugh about.  Then after dinner, we will happen upon a party and stop in to see if it’s any fun. After awhile, when we get bored we will “put some cookies in [our] pockets, and leave without saying goodbye,” because Mindy Kaling’s party exit is just as inspirational as her career.

Feature Image: A quote from Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Found at


6 thoughts on “The Best Friend I Want”

  1. Mindy Kaling would be interesting person to go to dinner with and get to know better. I have only really seen her on The Office, but from what I have seen she seems to have a great personality and her sense of humor will keep you laughing the whole night. I think she would be someone who would later become a great friend to have and get advice from as well.


  2. Gee whiz, Hollywood. No one “like her” will be on TV. So back asswards… quality so often trumps pure marketing choices in the creative industries…


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