The Cuban Way

While there are certainly a host of people I would be honored to enjoy a meal with, I think a dinner with Mark Cuban would be awesome. I’m not just saying this because he is my favorite investor on the ABC’s “Shark Tank,” but because I admire the way he does business.

Mr. Cuban is a grinder. Just like his grandfather, a Russian immigrant who sold merchandise from his truck, Mark works tirelessly to get the job done. This work ethic gave him an early leg up on his peers, and led him to start his first company, MicrosSolutions, which he later sold for $6 million. Similarly, he continued to utilize his love for technology by starting and later selling for nearly $6 billion. He now owns the Dallas Mavericks and continues to invest in an assortment of entertainment, tech, and sports companies.

(Check out this video on Business Insider: Cuban on Being Rich)

The reason I would love to sit down with Mark is not because he is good at making money. It is also not because I want to be an entrepreneur like he is. I want to have a meal with Mark Cuban to learn more about his casual approach to business. In our current world, where every decision is questioned, every quote is recorded, every action is recorded and shared, Mark is confident and brave. Rather than hiding behind vague statements or comments, he lets people know his honest opinions. Mark is also not afraid to challenge the traditional way of doing things, like sitting in the stands with Mavericks fans or being the first owner to start a popular sports/tech blog. Though he has been fined many times for his somewhat outlandish behavior, I truly admire his informed, optimistic, and cunning approach to his work. With our world only growing more connected, I think it is important to be able to express one’s self instead of trying to please everyone. If no one dares to be different, won’t we all end up the same? Personally, that doesn’t sound very appealing. Regardless of one’s industry or position, I think we can all learn from Mark’s unique style of business.


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3 thoughts on “The Cuban Way”

  1. Interesting, I also think this is a great choice because Mark Cuban is very straightforward. He is not afraid to give his honest opinion, and even after making billions of dollars he continues to speak his mind freely, even when it upsets a lot of people. He does this on all topics too- sports, investments, economics, etc. A dinner with someone like this would be very refreshing, especially considering how a lot of options (particularly politicians) would spend their time bullshitting you.


  2. I really like this choice! I think that Mark would be a great dinner companion, sharing equally exhilarating war stories of business and basketball, and his opinions on the future.


  3. He is one of my favorite business entrepreneurs/role models. I am sure you are a big fan of the show “shark tank”- he has a great eye for businesses but what I like the most about him is that he is straight forward an honest. Maybe instead of dinner, he could bring you to a Mavericks game


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