Ripples of Hope or Change- Blog 10

The Kennedy quotation starts us off:  people can make a difference.  But, harkening back to Mills’ sociological imagination, the differences we can make depend on part on where, how, and when we act.

There are “tipping points” in our world.  (A fun book to read, Pat and I recommend it!)  A tipping point is the point in a system where small changes can have surprisingly disproportionate impacts.  For example (from the book or my own experience):

– Adding “water bottles saved” to a water fountain can dramatically decrease purchasing water in bottles.

– Adding a map to a brochure warning people to get vaccines can increase vaccination rates.

– Eliminating elevators can increase health for people in a building.

– Calling out racist or sexist behavior can break a code of silence.

– Asking “what questions do you have” instead of “are there any questions” can increase participation.

Your goal: think about an action you or anyone can take that will hit a tipping point, that can have ripple effects, that can have a surprising or disproportionately large effect (for good).

Describe your idea.  You can borrow from others if you know a tipping point behavior.  Discuss what you think you would do, what action you would take.

Let’s end on a positive, pragmatic, impactful, inspiring note.


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