Inspiring others to do good: The lifestyle of Ellen DeGeneres.

There are many tipping points present within our society. These tipping points could be things such as raising money to donate towards cancer research, creating awareness for certain illnesses and prevention methods, encouraging the use of sustainable products, turning off lights to reduce energy use, etc. One of the most important things to do in our society is to create awareness of issues and give back to the community. Ellen DeGeneres inspires others to do good through leading by example. Ellen hosts a television show that runs five days a week. During her show, she uses comedy as a tool to brighten everyone’s day. Additionally, her show features entrepreneurs and celebrities, but most importantly the show features people who do good things for our society. On the television show, Ellen gives back to individuals that inspire the world through their acts of kindness. For example, Ellen hosted Jesse and Jasmine on her show because they demonstrated a true act of kindness. Check out their story below:

Ellen discovered Jesse and Jasmine’s story and knew that it should be recognized. Thus, she brought them on their show and provided an opportunity for the world to see their story. Ellen gave back to them to show society that acts like these are the ones that should be rewarded. Another example of an inspiring act of kindness is illustrated in the clip featuring Matt and Jess below:

Ellen Degeneres came across the story of Jesse and Jasmine and Matt and Jess and was inspired. Jesse gave Jasmine money to help her through her diagnosis with a rare brain tumor. Matt is a firefighter who was diagnosed with ALS. His co firefighters work overtime to cover his shifts, in order to ensure Matt is still paid money to support his family. Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle is one that all of us should look to and mimic. Ellen’s compassion for others shows through her acts of kindness displayed each day on her television show. What we should all take away from Ellen’s lifestyle is that it is important to lead by example and reward those who act kindly towards others. Whether it be small or large acts of kindness, everyone should do a good deed every day. The deed can be as small as telling a joke or as big as giving money to a certain charity or individual. Let’s make a difference in the world, the Ellen DeGeneres way.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring others to do good: The lifestyle of Ellen DeGeneres.”

  1. Ellen is the coolest celebrity. She makes fun of people all the time, but does it in a way without making them feel bad. She is incredibly generous and caring, but when she gives it is to causes that she feels extremely passionate about. I think the show is great because the acts of generosity are so simple, and they empower viewers to not only feel good, but want to do good. She rocks.


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