Losing Ground

The film Losing Ground by Kathleen Collins featured a philosophy professor, Sara, and her painter husband, Victor. This art event was interesting because it touched on topics such as gender, race, and art. Sara was focused on writing a paper on aesthetic experience while her husband was focused on sketching and painting after he sold one of his pieces to a museum. I found it interesting to see the shift in Victor’s artwork from the beginning of the movie to the end and how his environment influenced his work. At first he painted abstract works of art in an apartment in the city. Then, Sara and Victor decided to move to a village for the summer. After moving, Victor became mesmerized by the Puerto Rican women, scenery, and lighting. He started to paint people as opposed to just utilizing colors and shapes and focusing on the medium of the work of art. Sara and Victor’s relationship was impacted by the shift in art and the change in environment. Sara did not understand why Victor was no longer painting in the same style after a museum bought one of his works. Victor became so intrigued by the content he was painting that he ended up focusing on his subject matter, a Puerto Rican woman, Celia, as opposed to his wife Sara.

The abstract art Victor created in the beginning of the movie was very relevant to how abstract act is produced in order to critique culture. Victor began by painting works that focused on the texture and emotions of the painter. One piece of art in the Samek Art Gallery is Dzubas’ Untitled acrylic piece on canvas. There are five colors presented in the work of art and Dzubas focused on the medium used to develop this work of art. He used a stain painting technique where he would trickle paint onto a canvas and wait until the first layer was absorbed by the fibers. Due to this technique, the artist was able to play with color and could create translucent and dark colors within the same piece. When Victor transitioned to painting scenic images with Puerto Rican women, he began to focus on the outer world as oppose to his inner emotions. These pieces were focused around painting realistic images and created portraits of people in his surrounding environment.

Feature image: http://www.boldaslove.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Losing-Ground.001_Scott_Gunn.jpg 

One thought on “Losing Ground”

  1. In the clip you show, the dialogue seems soooooo stilted. Are you being too generous in your review? I guess one of the reasons it is getting attention is its novelty at the time of themes depicted and of being directed by an African-American Woman.

    Nice tie-in to samek!

    If you watched the film March 17 when it showed here, why did you post so late?


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