Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Millennials have been “blessed” with being born into a generation that has technology and convenience at their fingertips. We do not have to leave a day at the end of finishing our papers, so that we can make sure we have enough time to type our final version out on a type writer. We have the gift of information at our fingertips. Wherever we are we are able to pull out our smartphones and google something. Our generation also has the luxury of communicating through text messages, emails, group messaging applications and many other newer mediums.

Now, with so many modes of communication, our generation often forgets the importance of a good old-fashioned phone call. I often hear someone refuse to pick up the phone to call someone, and would rather send an email or text message instead. This has led to many people not even feeling comfortable speaking to someone over the phone. I have been guilty of some of this as well. I often think that instead of leaving a voice message when someone does not pick up his or her phone, I should just send a text message. There is absolutely a time and place for an email and text message, but speaking on the phone deserves a place in our society.

I believe that everyone should try to use the phone more often. A phone call provides a quick way to stay in touch with someone. I often think of people randomly throughout the day, including friends, family members and former colleagues. I would challenge people to try to pick up the phone at least once a day and make a phone call to a person that they think of throughout the day. Developing relationships with people is an extremely important part of life. However, once relationships are created they need to be cared for. The occasional phone call that lasts a minute or two can be an important part of staying in touch with someone. This only takes a few minutes out of the day and can make a difference in a person’s life. I’m not saying that a phone call each day is going to change a person’s life, but that picking up the phone more often has the potential to benefit people’s lives.

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7 thoughts on “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall”

  1. Yea, I do think that it is very important to take in touch with people through a phone call rather than a text or e-mail. I can say I am one who just sends a text or e-mail, but I do agree that a phone can make a difference and foster a more personal relationship. Do you think it would be possible to change this mindset, where individuals in our society perceive text messages and e-mail as a better mode of communication?


  2. If you asked a millennial why they would rather text than call their friend, colleague, or family member, they would tell you because its more convenient and takes much less time.What they wouldn’t say, but probably feel is that conducting a phone conversation makes them nervous, and it’s only getting worse. And I’m not sure its only millennials anymore – I text and message most everyone in my network (except for employers or the occasional family member). This is definitely an important problem with the modernization of technology – and we all know that the skill of verbal communication won’t ever become obsolete.


    1. I will absolutely admit that phone calls make me nervous and I am very careful when I craft emails, ensurinng I am clear and concise and come across kind but professional. Emails and texts are often viewed as effcient, as you say Shaun, but they can also allow us more time to really think through what we want to say. I think there are pros and cons, but that increassing phone calls is still beneficial at improving face-to-face, on-the-spot communication.


  3. I agree that our communication skills in person have gotten worse as we rely more texting and emailing, and it will only get worse as younger generations continue to use these types of technologies more and more. There is a lot of talk about getting in trouble for posting and saying stuff through technology since it has become permanent and retrievable. It is not as retrievable as face-to-face or verbal communication. Do you see this aspect of it a pro or a con? There are pros and cons to both side of the question


  4. I wrote my blog on a similar topic – but focused more on the face-to-face aspect of conversation. I definitely agree that this is a huge issue and that phone conversations should be more commonly practiced. Check out my blog post for an alternative way to help increase tech-free interactions.


  5. I agree with Luke–although I feel a phone call is definitely a step up from texting–there is nothing like having a face-to-face conversation, as it includes facial expressions and so much more than any other form of communication. Also, I’m sure that having more phone calls would help us seniors improve in our phone interviews…


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