Blog Council: Ripple Effect

What We did Well: 

  • Creative posts (dancing, LGBT, volunteering, naming, political primaries)
  • Well written
  • Good use of social media


  • How do you initiate some of these ideas?
    • Daily kindness is already prevalent in society…keep thinking & get creative about your ripple ideas!
  • Shorter posts – last class so we forgive you seniors
  • Lack of comments


Happy Award – Shake it Off (Aylin)

Sustainable Lifestyle Award – Unplugging: All the Cool Kids are Doing it (Greg)

Pay it Forward Award – Small Acts Transform the World (William)

Largest Ripple Effect – Taking the Volunteer out of Volunteering (Rafi)

Honorary Awards:

Reader’s Choice Award – Opening Doors and Hearts (Max)

Sifting the Ripple – Embrace the Rainbow (Chris)

Previous Prompts:

  • Prompt 1 – Past Blogs
  • Prompt 2 – Apple Justice Global’n Tech Drama
  • Prompt 3 – Deeper into ITruth
  • Prompt 4 – Pop Culture Profundity
  • Prompt 5 – Great Places Great Things?
  • Prompt 6 – Find an Org for P2
  • Prompt 7 – Onion News
  • Prompt 8 – Musk Challenge
  • Prompt 9 – Who Would You Take To Dinner?
  • Prompt 10 – Ripple or Tipping Point Actions


  1. Feedback on semester’s blog posts (structure vs unstructured, creative writing, audience, blog as social media tool)
  2. How can we capture the creative spirit of the last blog posts and transform it to early blog posts?
  3. Reflect and write down:
    1. Most memorable blog post this semester (someone else’s)
    2. Your own favorite post

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