Refill Your Bottle At Least Once

For many of us, bottled water is a daily staple. A case of 32 bottles of spring water can be bought for less than $5 at the local Wal-Mart. However, the environmental impact of each bottle of water is multiple factors larger than the bottle alone. Between bottle creation, transport and bottling, each liter of bottle water actually requires 3 liters of water to get it to the end user. Plastic bottles are also difficult to dispose of and have contributed to the formation of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

If everyone could fill up each water bottle they used at least one more time we could cut our plastic consumption for water in half. With the number of water fountains that fill up water bottles vertically, it is now easier than ever to reuse a bottle. Plastic water bottles are so harmful to our environment because they are extremely difficult to dispose of. There are currently 2 million tons of plastic water bottles in US landfills alone, which will take 1,000 years to bio-degrade. This number is growing every day and if we do not slow down we will only continue to pollute our environment past a point where it is reversible. For this to happen it will take one very small act from a large number of people. Cutting our bottle consumption would make an astronomical difference in the world, with very little impact on the daily behavior of each individual involved.

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4 thoughts on “Refill Your Bottle At Least Once”

  1. I never knew that a liter of bottled water’s social cost is equivalent to 3 liters water. Facts like this could make plastic water bottled users more conscious. Have you thought about you else you can encourage friends or family to switch from plastic to reusable?

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    1. I think that people, especially our generation, are becoming more conscious about this issue. New buildings around campus have new water fountains that have special faucets that fill up any water bottle up automatically. They also show the number of bottles that have been saved by that machine. Something as simple as that goes a lot way – which I find interesting. Just having that sign lets people feel good when they see that they have saved a bottle or two and added to the running total.


  2. I think companies like Nalgene have made huge strides to end this issue. That said, I think its on us to make sure that we are using these sustainable bottles and start to move away from relying on disposable plastic ones. We can also help encourage our friends and family members to do the same. I wrote about this in a previous blog post and couldn’t agree more that this is a large problem today.

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