Tourism: The Negative Impacts of Travel and the Future of the Service Industry

From climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower and overlooking the city of Paris to walking through the amphitheater of Rome’s Colosseum, the world’s various historical landmarks and architectural masterpieces provide society with a great amount of places to explore. These attractions create an opportunity for families to travel and experience a new culture. In recent years, the amount of tourism has increased tremendously. In order to determine what factors influenced the increase in tourism, I reviewed statistical evidence in regards to population growth, information on marketing and mass media, and the hospitality industry. The world population has significantly increased and is predicted to reach high numbers that overwhelm Earth’s resources. Marketing and mass media has generated a halo effect on consumers. In other words, advertising campaigns have been proven to influence how people view certain destinations and can impact whether or not they travel to a specific area. Lastly, the hospitality industry has expanded rapidly due to globalization. The expansion of the service industry has provided more of an opportunity for society to travel around the globe.

After reviewing the factors impacting tourism, a discovery was made. This discovery is that these factors have begun to impact the local culture and environment of certain cities and tourist destinations. There is a lack in regulation of the amount of tourists touring a specific area on a daily basis. Currently, local residents are becoming aggravated because tourists are impacting their daily routines and there is a lack in respect for their culture and city due to ignorance of social norms and standards. In regards to the environment, the increase in traffic has led to an increase in pollution and damage to buildings, roads, and landmarks. Thus, there is a need to change policy and regulation for tourism. Instilling sustainable tourism is the best way to address these issues. Sustainable tourism includes elements such as providing knowledge and background of cities and destinations to tourists prior to their departure and arrival and restricting the amount of people allowed in a city. Ultimately, sustainable tourism needs to be established in order to address environmental, social, and economic issues occurring around the world.

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