Communication as an Action Plan

I was unfortunately only able to attend the closing ceremony/panel of the sustainability symposium, where the main topic of the conversation was: How do we keep the enthusiasm created in this symposium and carry it to the future?

I have participated and leaded several conferences when I was in high school and I understand how excited people are about action plans making an exhaustive list of what to do next within the last sessions, but almost all the times not even half of the things on that list is accomplished by the next years conference. Why is that? Because the enthusiasm of the people decay very quickly, and therefore they don’t start their action plans until right before the next conference, which is too late to accomplish any goal that was initially put on the list.

The main solution that was suggested by students and professors was: BETTER COMMUNICATION. From their point of view of the people participating in the panel, if the different schools that participated in the symposium somehow find a way of communication, kept in touch and informed each other about all the projects they are doing, then the enthusiasm wouldn’t be lost. A lot of people suggested different ideas about how to communicate, and one person was taking exhaustive notes again in order to implement this communication action plan.

Sustaining communication is also a big effort and needs enough enthusiasm for people to follow through with it. Creating communication is easy, we live in a very social world with tools such as social media, ability to conduct video conferences etc., but since as the enthusiasm decays, communication also decays, so the main question here is: how to we sustain the communication?


One thought on “Communication as an Action Plan”

  1. I agree that communication is definitely key. Without it, we pretty much get nowhere. At the same time though, I have to wonder if a key factor is how communication transitions into action.

    Like you said, communicating has only gotten easier in the recent past (though one could make the argument that the digital medium we are choosing to use for communication bring their own list of deficiencies and sacrifices). But at some point, I think that enthusiasm decays because people get tied of communicating. Eventually, people want to see the results and know that all of their effort put into building relationships and making strategies is bearing fruit.

    Is the “action list” further discussion or fulfilling the cause? Are we talking about problems or solving problems? I think the pivot/link/transition between communication and action remains one of the most challenging hinge points–especially when it comes to sustainability, where we have notices an increase in discussion, but a less convincing evolution of actions.


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