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Solving the Real Problems of the Homeless

Growing up in a suburb of our nation’s capital, I experienced the homeless nearly every day. My hometown city made Money Magazine’s list of the “100 Best Places to Live” in the U.S.,[1] yet homeless individuals asked my bus driver for money each day on my ride to and from school. How has the richest country on earth continued to allow such public misery, even on the streets of, and near, the very city that is supposed to create policy to help these homeless individuals? Continue reading Solving the Real Problems of the Homeless


“And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson”

The Graduate

This film was shown at the Campus Theater on Tuesday, April 28 at 7pm and was free to Bucknell students. I was intrigued by the film’s title, which implied the movie would be incredibly relevant to me, and went with Aylin to the showing. However, what I experienced was far from what I expected. Continue reading “And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson”

A Meal Fit for Two Klutzes

If I could have dinner with anyone, who would I choose? Ellen DeGeneres and Robert Downey Jr. came to mind, but, while I’m sure meeting either celeb would be amazing, I’m not sure I could carry a great conversation with either for an evening.

So who would be entertaining, do most of the talking, be up for an adventurous venue, and be sure to make me laugh all night?

This girl. Continue reading A Meal Fit for Two Klutzes

Concern Grows as New Fashion Item Leads to Hospitalizations

Lewisburg, PA – The rise in popularity of Canada Goose jackets, high-end winter coats with prices ranging from $395 to $745, has led to concern over the health and safety of Bucknell students. As spring approaches and temperatures rise, many young women refuse to stop wearing their jackets, even at the risk of heat stroke. Continue reading Concern Grows as New Fashion Item Leads to Hospitalizations

Prompt 7 – I Swear I’m Not Crying, It’s Just The Onion

The Onion runs an entertainment website featuring satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news.

For the blog this week (for class April 6), choose a topic and craft a satirical news piece, complete with a clever title and any media content or images to make it believable.

Get creative and have fun!

Here are a few articles from The Onion for inspiration (feel free to peruse the site for other ideas):

Report: Employees Most Innovative When Brainstorming Dramatic Quitting Scenarios
Fewer NBA Players Choosing To Learn Unborn Child’s Position
Ted Cruz Boldly Declares Nation Not Deserving Of Better Candidate
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The Container Store: Stacking Up Ethically

Many retail companies are not known for outstanding treatment of their employees. In more recent years, the media has delivered news stories with companies involved in lawsuits over wage inequalities, discrimination, or poor labor conditions. The retail industry in particular has been receiving a lot of criticism. One think tank recently published a report which states:

Retail is far from the only low-paying sector of the American economy, yet … [it is] one projected to add a substantial number of new jobs over the coming decade, [so] the choices the nation’s major retailers make about employment will play a crucial role in determining the nation’s economic future. (Resnikoff)

While very recent press has indicated retail companies such as Target, Wal-Mart, and T.J. Maxx may increase employee wages slightly in the near future, there are also companies who do not receive considerable media attention but who have, from their very founding, held higher standards regarding treatment of their employees. One such company is The Container Store (TCS). From its website, to its blog, to newspaper articles, books, YouTube videos, and more, The Container Store makes it clear that it aims for a business model encompassing all stakeholders, but employees in particular. In this paper, I will evaluate how the company has upheld this employee-centered model and determine whether it can be considered an ethical company through Immanuel Kant’s ethical theories. Continue reading The Container Store: Stacking Up Ethically

Learning to Create Sustainability

As part of the “Shaping Sustainability” Symposium, I attended a faculty panel discussion today entitled “Create”.

This panel focused on the idea that sustainability requires first truly understanding people and their cultural and political patterns. Continue reading Learning to Create Sustainability