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Implementing Harm Reduction Policy into the U.S. Healthcare System

Harm reduction philosophy is not a new concept in the U.S. healthcare system. Harm reduction programs offer practical, feasible effective, safe and cost-effective solutions to the U.S. drug problem. With several hundred operational needle and syringe exchange programs in place, the U.S. needs to adopt harm reduction policy at the national level. This would help catalyze the culturally changing approach towards drug mentality in all aspects from recreational drug use to addiction. Continue reading Implementing Harm Reduction Policy into the U.S. Healthcare System


Just Put It Down

Our world has never been more connected than it is today. Our generation is blessed with the ability to instantly contact anyone, retrieve information, or share an experience with the world. With this power has come immense progress in terms of healthcare, productivity, and professional networking (to name a few). What it has taken away, however, might be far more valuable. In my opinion, Millennials are losing the art of conversation. While our online personalities have never been more groomed, our inter-personal skills are at an all time low. Too often is a great moment spoiled by someone trying to take a picture or send a tweet. Rather than rely on our phones to define our lives, I think that improving the way we relate to one another in person can solve many of the large issues we face today. Continue reading Just Put It Down