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A mentor to guide you

Finding the right person to have dinner is a tough choice. But Dan Friedman, who is the cofounder of Thinkful, would be someone I would be interested in taking out to dinner. Thinkful is an online programming school for grown ups. People who sign up for the course spend 7 to 10 hours weekly on course load costing from $1,200 to $1,500 and weekly one-on-one coaching from mentors, who are industry experts. The courses range from web development to data science in various skills levels.  Continue reading A mentor to guide you


Lunch with Malala

In facing the task of this week’s blog, I realized I want to converse with someone who has made a global impact and is making a notable, positive difference in the world. Top CEOs, inventors, millionaires, celebrities, or sports professionals were not going to cut it because I wanted to talk to a person who has experienced the world differently. Cue Malala Yousafzai. The 16 year old is the youngest person ever to win the Noble Peace PrizeContinue reading Lunch with Malala

Millennials Outraged Over Obama’s Free Tuition Plan

President Barack Obama’s recent proposal to make community college free for all students has been aggressively attacked by  Millennials, who see the proposal as a violation of their human rights and a disgrace to the education system. The only viable  form of valuable education worth pursuing is paid education. Free tuition sets a precedent among society that higher education can be achieved by everyone, but this creates an increasing demand for higher education with limited, qualified educators. Obama’s proposal aligns with free education which would create unfit educators and a massive free-rider problem among future generations.  In addition, as more students obtain higher education, degrees become completely worthless and our job markets will have an excess of useless skills.

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