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Ciao, benvenuto alla quattro stagioni!

Hello, welcome to the Four Seasons!


As you walk off of Borgo Pinti and into the Four Seasons hotel in Florence, Italy, you are immediately greeted and welcomed by the staff. As you make your way to the front desk, your eye is drawn towards a statue resembling Michelangelo’s Bacchus statue in the Bargello Museum in Florence. The statue is in the center of an atrium and is surrounded by floral arrangements and provides seating for guests to sit and enjoy the grand interior architecture and design of the hotel. After having the opportunity to stay in the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, I understood why this hotel chain is one of the most well known in the world. Have you stayed in a Four Seasons Hotel? What was your experience?

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Making a Difference through MSF

Founded in 1971, Médecines Sans Frontières is an international, medical humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical assistant to people in crisis. Doctors Without Borders operates in over 60 countries and works with patients who are excluded from society and have no access to healthcare. The aid organization has a strong reputation for offering unparalleled medical assistance in some of the most unstable, fearsome countries in “the face of perceived rights violations, dereliction of duty by the international community or threats to the neutrality of humanitarian space from civil-military missions.”  Continue reading Making a Difference through MSF

How satisfied are you?

After listening to the radio show The American Life featuring actor Mike Daisey, I discovered that there is a major need for our society to address employee satisfaction. Mike Daisey emphasized the poor working conditions present in the Foxconn factory. This factory manufactures products for a variety of well-known companies such as Apple, HP, and Dell. After speaking to factory workers, Daisey discovered the factory has small living quarters, long working hours, toxins impacting the health of employees, and a labor board that neglects to address problems employees face. Why won’t Foxconn address these problems? More importantly, why do companies like Apple sit and watch their factories treat employees poorly? Continue reading How satisfied are you?