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Solving the Real Problems of the Homeless

Growing up in a suburb of our nation’s capital, I experienced the homeless nearly every day. My hometown city made Money Magazine’s list of the “100 Best Places to Live” in the U.S.,[1] yet homeless individuals asked my bus driver for money each day on my ride to and from school. How has the richest country on earth continued to allow such public misery, even on the streets of, and near, the very city that is supposed to create policy to help these homeless individuals? Continue reading Solving the Real Problems of the Homeless

Making a Difference through MSF

Founded in 1971, Médecines Sans Frontières is an international, medical humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical assistant to people in crisis. Doctors Without Borders operates in over 60 countries and works with patients who are excluded from society and have no access to healthcare. The aid organization has a strong reputation for offering unparalleled medical assistance in some of the most unstable, fearsome countries in “the face of perceived rights violations, dereliction of duty by the international community or threats to the neutrality of humanitarian space from civil-military missions.”  Continue reading Making a Difference through MSF