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Blog Council: Are Good Companies Doing Good Things?

Hope you all had a good and relaxing spring break!

Aylin, Mary, Ashley and Jordi really enjoyed reading all of your posts this week.

It was clear that the class enjoyed this prompt and took time to do some really interesting research into some well-known company.


  • Great utilization of media
  • Posts/comments got to the point quick
  • Good job linking back to class material
  • Being critical of the companies chosen


  • VOTE on polls
  • RATE the posts you read
  • Remember to link back to sources
  • Pose questions for your readers throughout your posts

And the Academy Awards Go To…

Best Adapted Screenplays:

AFLAC – Shaun

Medecin Sans Frontieres – Jess

Container Store – Megan

Best Director:

BCG – Caleb

Best Picture Overall:

Cheesecake Factory – William

Feature Image: http://images.bwwstatic.com/columnpic6/9208D63C-9554-AD60-372C9405B9376F84.jpg


Do Great Places to Work Do Great Things?- Blog 6

The idea here is to follow Fran Hawthorne‘s lead in Ethical Chic and check if places we want to associate with, corporations with admirable qualities that we want to associate with, are as great across the board as they are at being good to work for.  (Think: most of us thought it would be good to work for an organization that strives for Kantian practices… those kinds of organizations).

See what you can learn about how well they are ethical and ethically chic? Continue reading Do Great Places to Work Do Great Things?- Blog 6