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Bucknell Holds Racial Equality Assembly: Racism Gone Forever

After a recent public and vulgar example of hate speech broadcast over the Bucknell radio station, WVBU, the student body received numerous emails from President Bravman. Every Bucknell student shared the same response of curiosity as to what someone could have possibly done wrong this time after they saw an email with the subject line “[Students]” from the President. Could there have been another email hack, or would this email potentially be upbeat and shouting praise for a Bucknell student’s behavior. Alas, it was neither. Instead, it was far worse. Continue reading Bucknell Holds Racial Equality Assembly: Racism Gone Forever

“Because something will happen…it is mathematically certain”

As I listened to renowned journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates discuss violence within African American communities, I couldn’t help but be draw by his words.”Something will happen…it is mathematically certain,” he stated as he addresses the Bucknell community. The deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner were terrible but expected. This is not new violence in African American communities, but “a lot of recent actions over the past year have caused people to pay attention.” Continue reading “Because something will happen…it is mathematically certain”


Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “A Case for Reparations” taught me a lot about American history, and it made me consider issues in a new light. The author’s talk had the same effect. Something I learned of myself by the end, though, was that I find analogies very helpful and persuasive. There were two Coates used that really stuck with me and made me think, but I’ll just discuss the first. Continue reading Homeownership