Resource Proposal #1 (more on proposals)

Type (Biz, Gov, or Soc): Society

Name of Resource and Citation: “FIFA Governance Reform Project”

Pieth, Mark. “FIFA Governance Reform Project.” Basel Institute on Governance, 22 Apr. 2014. Web. 13 Apr. 2015.

Topic for Paper: FIFA Policy and Hierarchy Reform

Your proposal:

The Federacion Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is both an international civil society organization and a non-profit organization responsible for governing the beautiful game of soccer. They further believe that they have an imperative duty to improve communities around the world, host sustainable events worldwide (like the World Cup), and respect human rights. However, FIFA has been neglecting their mission as both a civil society organization and a non-profit. FIFA has become notorious for their corrupt hierarchical structure as well as their inefficiency in enforcing meaningful policy changes for events like the World Cup.

FIFA’s current hierarchy allows the FIFA president to have unparalleled power in making important decisions. The Federation is ordered (organized) so that the President does not have to report to any superior board of directors. The lack of an unbiased board of directors allows the FIFA president to exercise complete authority over the Executive Committee. FIFA has created both an independent governance committee responsible for implementing policy changes. They have also altered their ethics committee by making it an independent body.

Wow.  Really?  No higher authority over the president?  What bogus reason doses Blatter have for this?  Any evidence the ethics committee has meaningful power?

I intend to analyze the independent governance committees’ proposed policy reforms in their  “FIFA Governance Reform Project” published in 2014. I will observe whether FIFA has made significant changes in their governance structure or whether they have merely cherry-picked from the suggestions. I will add additional suggestions to change FIFA’s governance structure based on ideas from this report and other sources.

Sounds like a good plan.

The piece is constructed by Mark Pieth, an expert in corruption and professor at the University of Basel in Switzerland. I will investigate the compensation received by those working for this independent governance committee. I will also attempt to review the salaries of those working in the ethics committee.

Well, Pieth was contracted to write a report?  Your ideas for looking at the financial interests of the ethics committee are also good.  ANother tactic of organizations is to let a committee exist and issue reports, but never act on them.

Resource Proposal #2 (more on proposals)

Type (Biz, Gov, or Soc): Business (ok)

Name of Resource and Citation:  “Coca-cola joins world cup sponsors putting pressure on FIFA over qatar claims”

Coca-cola joins world cup sponsors putting pressure on FIFA over qatar claims. (2014, Jun 09). Arabianbusiness.Com. Retrieved from

Topic for Paper: FIFA Policy and Hierarchy Reform

Your proposal.

The controversial nature surrounding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has caused concerns among many the sponsors of the World Cup. The World Cup has six major sponsors: Hyundai, Emirates, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Sony, and Visa.  A week before the World Cup held in Brazil in 2014, the Japanese giant, Sony, voiced their concerns publicly about the World Cup being held in Qatar.  Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Visa followed suit, expressing their own concerns just several days later.

These sponsors are demanding that FIFA adheres to their mission statement proposed on their website.  Coca-Cola explicitly states, “The negative tenor of the public debate around FIFA at the moment is neither good for football nor for FIFA and its partners. Anything that detracts from the mission and ideals of the FIFA World Cup is a concern to us”(Bawaba). It is normally unlikely for large sponsors to come out publicly with such bold statements. It indicates that these large, successful companies believe that such a worldwide, renowned event like the World Cup can have a negative impact on their companies reputation. These sponsors demand that the FIFA Ethics Committee embark on a thorough analysis of FIFA’s practices.

The four sponsors concerned with the corruption surrounding the Qatar World Cup accounted paid over 180 million dollars last year in support of the World Cup. FIFA would be suffering quite a major blow if these sponsors plan on withdrawing their support. Sony has an extreme upper hand on whether to renew their sponsorship or not. Their contract ended at the beginning of the year. Thus, they have a lot of leverage moving forward.

Sponsors are not only concerned with the shady labor practices occurring in Qatar in preparation for the World Cup. They are also concerned with the change in dates. The World Cup has always been held in the summer. Since temperatures can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer in Qatar, FIFA wants to move the World Cup to the winter. Fox Sports who has paid 425 million dollars for the rights to broadcast the World Cup is extremely peeved at FIFA for switching the dates to the winter where it clashes with the Superbowl.

I will investigate whether World Cup sponsors have either backed out from sponsoring the World Cup, donated less money, or are still waiting on the reforms of FIFA to take place.

Good job on a business source.

Resource Proposal #3 (more on proposals)

Type (Biz, Gov, or Soc): Gov

Name of Resource and Citation:

Click to access BILLS-113hres682ih.pdf

Can you say more about what this is?  Not clear from URL.

Topic for Paper: FIFA Policy and Hierarchy Reform

Your proposal.

It is no question that the 2022 World Cup has outraged millions across various nations. The shady selection of Qatar, the bribery involved with FIFA’s president, but most importantly the ripple effects that have stemmed from Qatar’s building process have contributed to worldwide concern. In July 2014, the United States House of Representatives spoke out against the unfair labor practices occurring in Qatar.

The House of Representatives outlines several unethical practices associated with the building process in Qatar. The most convincing points they outline include:

Where did they get their information from?

1.  Qatar has the highest ratio of migrant workers to domestic workers than any other nation.

2. An average of 200 workers die from Nepal and India every year.

3. Qatar embraces the kafala system where workers cannot leave the country or switch jobs unless they get permission from their employer.

What is this system?  Is it traditional?  Legal?  What possible good reason for it to exist can their be?

4. Wages and working conditions are not being met; employers promise much more than they are giving to these migrant workers.

5. Most importantly, the United States believes that they are not meeting the guidelines in the Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Act of 2013.

Therefore, the United States proposes solutions to resolve the unethical practices occurring in Qatar. Just to enumerate a few goals, the House of Representatives calls on United States employers to adhere to proper working condition standards, calls on  the Qatari government to propose new legislation to be more accountable for human rights issues, and calls on FIFA themselves to challenge Qatar to ban the modern day slavery that is happening in preparation for the global event that is supposed to unify nations across the world.

IF organizersa are violating that 2013 law, I wonder if Congress or the US government could do even more to make FIFA leaders uncomfortable.  Issue arrest warrants for whenever they step into the USA?

Also, where is US soccer in this?  Players union for MLS?


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