While looking through the past blogs, I was struck by this one titled, “My Life: Apple,” likely due to my interest in the company and the unique connection it shares with its customers (myself included). As I read about the writer’s experiences with the brand and its products over the years, I was reminded of my own interactions with such devices. My first iPod, the later iPod Nano, and eventual iPhone and Macbook are bookmarked in my memory forever… but why?

The best explanation I have for this phenomenon is the amount of trust that humans can share with these machines. As opposed to a PC or flip-phone, which I then thought of as a gadget, a Mac is a seemingly intelligent and beautiful ‘sidekick’ that helps accomplish tasks, endlessly entertain, and effortlessly organize our lives. Rather than just a nice camera or large keyboard, Apple products offer unique methods of communication, productivity, and interaction though simplistic design.

This blog specifically interested me due to the many memories I shared with the reader.  For instance, I remember seeing that kid on the bus with the new iPod and later seeing that kid in class with the new Macbook. That said, as we enter a new age where technology will continue to integrate into our daily lives, I think we should be aware of these obsessions and not blindly follow trends.  At the end of the day, we are still humans and the machines we use and create must not take that aspect away from us.

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